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About Outplacement

You need a new start in your career?

Economic uncertainty or any change affects companies and, therefore, the careers of any of us. Romania gradually experiences all changes in a normal economy, where  restructuring, reorganization, outsourcing and merging processes occur rapidly , triggering the need for change in everyone’s personal development.

Career transition occurs more often or perhaps sometimes more slowly than we would like. The waiting period to finding new opportunities can be shortened and the experience itself can become easier when you get professional support.

What solution keeps pace with change, but also with your expectations? The outplacement service provided by BPI Romania ensures an efficient transition, useful both for the company and the employees.

What is outplacement? It is the accompaniment service towards a new job, contracted by a company or an employee, in order to minimize the impact of the separation from the former employer. The service can be provided at individual level, for only one person, or at group level, for large groups of people.

The support provided by BPI Romania is tailored to each hierarchic position and includes career guidance and counselling sessions with a dedicated specialist. It also implies the actual search for a new job, in line with both the experience and the expectations of the candidate, but also with the realities of the labour market.