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Company benefits

Termination of employment can be accompanied by active, efficient and sustainable measures

Change is supported by concrete measures

Layoffs are part of corporate life. Being closely related to the industry features or the history of the company, compensatory measures are often insufficient and most of the times internal HR teams cannot properly manage the process, as their experience in such changes is limited. The outplacement service provided by BPI Romania can be integrated into the exit package, operating as an advantage in the negotiation process. As an employer, you can use the most performant outplacement service in Romania to concretely support your former employees in finding a new job.

The investment is easily paid off when the employee and the social partners consider this service as an added value. The support provided weights a lot in the balance of negotiation, since it is not included in the legal compensation package.

The impact of the outplacement service is measurable due to the contractual performance indicators.

The employer brand is protected

Companies are constantly and sometimes steadily concerned and continuously invest in the employer brand. In Romania, employers who provide their employees an outplacement service are members of a select club of socially responsible companies, which care not only for environment protection or charity, but also for their own employees.

Externally, the concern for the professional track of the employee brings a communication advantage for the clients, suppliers, business environment or the local community. This way, the message can be transmitted in a positive manner, accompanied by concrete arguments from the company.

Internally, the remaining employees will continue to trust their employer, although the change and the separation from some colleagues can bring up tensions, which can sometimes decrease the adherence to the company values. They will understand that the employer is not only preoccupied by their present, but also by their future.

Responsibility for community

Some companies from cities or regions affected by de-industrialization, traditional players at regional level, with a well-known brand and serious image, are factors of stability and development in local communities.

The job’s availability depends on them. The closure of a production unit, where one can work from father to son, can thus become a serious crisis, with repercussions at social, economic and even political level. The negative consequences can be reduced by a prior diagnosis of employability level of employees, as well as by showing concern for their future.

The closure decision trauma can be attenuated with a compensatory exit package. Still, this is not enough if it involves only financial measures. From a social and, yes, psychological perspective, the negative impact on the community is diminished if the employer gets involved in supporting its development by the outplacement service proposed to employees, by stimulating their chances for professional reconversion or entrepreneurship, but also by transferring certain activities to other investors.

Investment is measurable, efficient and sustainable

The outplacement service is a fully outsourced solution, the involvement of the former employer in the project being minimal. Still, in order to have a harmonious process, we recommend a permanent and active tripartite contact between the candidate, the career consultant and the employer.

The outplacement service of BPI Romania is provided at national level, regardless of the company or the employee location and it includes both face-to-face and remote interactions. Career consultants have an extensive experience in similar projects, both collective and individual. The methodology used is adapted to the project conditions and the experience level of each candidate.

The project progress is transparent and the reporting is based on measurable and trackable performance indicators both in the case of individual and collective projects including tens, hundreds or even thousands of participants.