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Mergers & Acquisitions 

October 11, 2016

Target population

  • Top Management


  • National, Romania


  • 2 members

Mission duration

  • 12 months




The Client is a top player in the Romanian banking industry.

Following a merger process with another bank from the system, the new owner decided to define his management team. The exit package for top managers who left the group also included the outplacement service.

BPI group Romania has provided managerial outplacement and career transition services for the Top Management team.


The project asked for a tailored approach, suited for this managerial level and the specific context of banking industry.

For each candidate, the process included career counseling, career path scanning and professional project analysis.

The solutions considered for candidates took into account their international mobility, their entrepreneurship initiatives, as well as their integration on the Romanian labor market. The candidates got used to the digitization of the job search and the use of social media.

Our Client’s main purpose was the provision of a quality premium service, with the most suitable impact for this type of candidate. For the candidates, the stakes consisted both in finding new career opportunities as well as maintaining a reputation on the labor market.


The project objectives were reached.

Over 80% candidates identified professional solutions according to their expectations.


The reputation is important to a top manager who is at a professional crossroads.

The key to success is flexibility and the careful exploration of encountered opportunities.

A high level of mobility can have a positive impact on career transition at Executive level.