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Production unit close down

September 5, 2016

Target population

  • Execution, administrative and management employees
  • 460 people


  • Brasov, Romania


  • 5-6 members

Mission duration

  • 2009-2010
  • 18 months




The client is a FMCG global company, carrying out manufacturing and sales activities in Romania. Following a decision of relocating the production to another European country, the unit in Brasov was closed down.

The entire staff of the unit entered the collective dismissal process.

BPI group Romania provided career transition and outplacement services for 460 people.


The consultant tailored the services to the industry specificity, as well as the gradual closing calendar for the unit.

Our Client’s main concerns were the identification of new jobs for the laid off employees and the maintenance of a stable social climate.

BPI group Romania carried out on-site individual and group activities, ensuring maximum of proximity and reactivity for the encountered situations:

  • Individual counselling
  • Training sessions and workshops
  • Career change counselling
  • Job Fairs
  • Job search for finding new jobs on the labour market in Brasov area, suited for the competence profiles of the people included in the outplacement process and intermediating the relation with future employers.


95% of the employees who were provided outplacement services were offered a satisfying professional solution at the end of the process.

The social climate remained stable throughout the restructuring process.


The involvement of the management team of the client is a successful key factor for the good implementation of the project.

In order to transfer information on labour market and job search, the accompaniment should start faster for the execution employees who are less used to the recruitment process practices.

For the employees in the industrial sector, who don’t need multiple competencies, the key to employment is often the professional conversion.