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Career change?

Over the last 20 years, we invested energy, innovation and professionalism in order to develop the most efficient outplacement services on the local market.


Market leader

Our 20 years of experience was built through successful reorganization projects for companies and professional solutions provided to thousands of employees in Romania.

Market leader

Benefits for companies

Use the most efficient outplacement service in Romania to concretely support your employees in finding a new job.

20 years of experience

Learn more about the success of our outplacement program.

20 years in figures

The transition to a new professional balance

If you admit linear careers and lifetime jobs do no longer exist, then you admit that change is part of your professional pathway. Whether you wanted this change or it was a decision of your employer, the transition from one phase to another can now be made easier.

The outplacement service is a powerful tool that allows you to turn this moment into an opportunity to reassess and reinvent your professional potential. Together, we can walk the path towards a new professional balance.


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