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Candidate benefits

The change is easier, you can take a new step in your career

With specialized support, you can get over this difficult moment easier

The collaboration with a career consultant is an advantage and gives you confidence in the chances of success job search, regardless of the your age, professional level or location.

The success rate of outplacement projects undertaken by BPI Romania is the proof of this service efficiency.

Together with the career consultant who supports you, you will go through technical and structured steps, but you will also have a constant dialogue about your emotions, how you should prepare for an interview, exploit new career opportunities and the mediate the relation with a new employer.

If you get this service as a benefit form your former employer it is cost free.

Career counseling helps you (re)discover your potential

After years working in the same company, you find yourself at the crossroads. Moral support, the opportunity for dialogue and interaction in a professional context will be extremely useful.

It’s the right moment to re-asses what you can do and want to do next. We will propose innovative instruments, based both on the experience that we gained over time and also on the latest practices in career consultancy at international level.

Your new professional project should represent you! BPI Romania career consultants will provide you their advices and experience so that this career project is a successful one.

With our help, you’ll be more than just a CV and you will be able to prove to your new employer that you can contribute to his business growth.

Your chances for success increase and the search is shorter

Our career consultants are specialized in outplacement projects and the success rate is directly proportional to their experience and your involvement in the proposed activities. The exit financial benefits can run out rapidly so it is in your best interest to find a new professional perspective as quickly as possible.


Together we will work as a team. We have the same goals. The career consultant proposes a structured, professional plan, based on the key steps in finding a new job.

We will determine together what concrete actions are needed in order to identify the most suitable jobs for your skills and expectations. The career consultant will help you to know better the existing opportunities on the labour market in your search area.