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Passion, commitment and professionalism

Our consultants successfully contribute to the reconstruction of the accompanied candidates’ careers.

With an extensive business and human resources experience, our team was involved in major reorganization processes of multinationals in Romania over the last 20 years. So we are ready to find the best solution for you!

Adaptability, flexibility and professionalism are the elements that lead us to success! For a new step in your career, choose the smart restart!

Viorel Ghete

visionary managing partner, BPI Romania

“Outplacement projects represent an efficient and successful solution, yet poorly known to Romanian professionals. We assumed the educational side and we contribute to the promotion of these programs. Restructuring is a strategic process, with multiple implications and I strongly believe that the negative impact of change can be offset by a responsible human resources policy and a measured cost for the employer.”

Raluca Parvu

enthusiastic business manager, BPI Romania

“I have witnessed the emergence and development of managerial outplacement projects in Romania, as a sign of maturity of companies in terms of responsible behaviour towards their employees. My professional satisfaction, plus a little excitement, are fulfilled when I feel I can truly contribute to an employee’s return to the forefront of work.”

Manuela Plopeanu

empathetic senior career consultant, BPI Romania

The role of a career consultant is like a guide on Mount Everest. S/he understands your difficulties and fears, teaches you to know yourself and overcome your limits, knows the best paths and supports you to reach the top of the mountain through your own strengths.

Nicoleta Anghel

dynamic senior career consultant, BPI Romania

“Transition to a new job is a process full of emotions – both positive and negative. As a Career Consultant, my role in outplacement projects is to ease this period by being there for the candidate, every step of the way. My professional experience facilitates his/her reintegration on the labour market.”

Cornelia Bădic

committed career consultant, BPI România

”The role of a career consultant is a personal mission and a way to have a positive impact on people, by providing support and contributing to their professional development. I strongly believe that human potential and opportunities have no limits and I am glad that I am able to cultivate them through outplacement projects.”