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Job dissolution

September 16, 2016

Target population

  • Specialists
  • 20 people


  • Bucharest, Romania


  • 2 members

Mission duration

  • 2013




The Client is an European company, acting in the financial services area.

A change in the business strategy and the loss of an important client led to the dissolution of an entire team of about 20 financial analysts with a very good knowledge of several foreign languages.

BPI group Romania provided career transition and outplacement services for 20 people, over a 6 months period.


The project requested a mixed approach. On one side we included individual counselling instruments. On the other one, the project also allowed for the provision of collective sessions, suitable for this group of candidates with homogeneous profiles.

BPI group Romania provided counselling and career guidance, as well as active job search services. The job search was facilitated by a dynamic labor market, but also by the candidates profiles - financial skills/ language skills / good knowledge of services sector.

Our Client’s main target was the provision of a high quality service, with specific professional repositioning objectives, in order to compensate for the dissolution of the team in the context of a sudden change of strategy.


All employees who were provided outplacement services were offered a satisfactory professional solution at the end of the project.

The project was facilitated by the candidates’ profiles, who often became competitors in the recruitment projects they participated in.


The professional and language skills of the candidates were an important element in their rehiring.

The services sector in Bucharest area is very dynamic and the labor market has easily absorbed the accompanied candidates.

The careful planning and the permanent post-interview feedback provided by the Consultant allowed for a permanent improvement of interview performance, which led to excellent results.