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Massive post-privatization reorganization

August 8, 2016

Target population

  • Execution and administrative  employees
  • >20.000 people


  • National, Romania


  • > 20 members

Mission duration

  • 2006 - 2010
  • 5 years




The Client is a regional company in the energy business, carrying out extraction, production, refinement and distribution activities of petroleum products in Romania which takes over, through a privatization process, one of the most representative companies in Romania.

The collective layoff procedure included employees from all company units at national level.

BPI group Romania provided career transition and outplacement services for more than 20,000 people.


The national dimension of the project, as well as its long duration (estimated between 3 and 5 years), required a tailored approach, as it was the largest career transition and outplacement project ever implemented in Romania.

BPI group Romania developed, implemented and supervised the activity and the results of internal teams, placed both at the company headquarters as well as at its local units.

15 Career Transition Centers were created at regional level. Internal consultants were selected, trained and coordinated by BPI group Romania team.

Our Client’s main concerns were the identification of new jobs for the laid off employees and the maintenance of a stable social climate in a heavily syndicated environment.


Given to the project scale in the organization, the Client considered it as being strategic and decided to make career transition one of its CSR objectives.

The social climate remained stable throughout the restructuring process.

More than 70% of the employees who were provided outplacement services were offered a satisfactory professional solution at the end of the project. About 10% of them chose to emigrate to other countries where oil extraction companies still operated.


The knowledge transfer from the Consultant to the Client requires an excellent partnership relation.

In a syndicated environment, the collaboration with all internal and external stakeholders is essential for the restructuring process.

For the employees in the industrial sector, who don’t need multiple competencies, the key to employment is often the professional conversion.