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Voluntary exit plan

October 24, 2016

Target population

  • Managers and Specialists
  • > 40 people


  • National, Romania


  • > 5 members

Mission duration

  • 2014 - 2015




The Client is s global company in the pharmaceutical industry, carrying out production and sales activities in Romania, a leader in its field.

During 2014 - 2015 the company went through significant changes imposed by the business strategy and individual performance criteria, which impacted the number of employees.

Over the last 2 years, BPI group Romania provided career transition and outplacement services for more than 40 employees of the company, both in the production, as well as the sales divisions.


The project required an individual, progressive approach depending on the number of candidates and their profile. From the beginning, the project’s methodology included an offsite intervention which allowed for a national coverage.

BPI group Romania developed a unitary methodology, applicable to both managers and specialists. We provided counselling and career guidance, as well as active job search services. The accompanied candidates benefited from modern counselling techniques, in line with the digitized nature of the job search process.

The consultant's performance was constantly monitored based on the indicators set by contract.

Our Client’s main target was the provision of a high quality service, in line with its renowned brand of socially responsible employer.


The Client renewed his trust in the services provided by BPI group Romania and progressively expanded his area of collaboration with us to other divisions affected by organizational change.

The career transition service was systematical included in the exit packages offered by the company to its employees.

Over 80% employees who were provided outplacement services were offered a satisfactory professional solution at the end of the project.


The good reputation of the former employer who invests in the selection and training of its employees was an important element increasing the trust of future employers in the professional quality of selected candidates.

Candidates’ flexibility was the key to a successful project. The career counseling sessions provided by the consultant and the permanent post-interview feed-back allowed for the calibration of every candidate’s expectations and ensured an excellent result of the process.